Bicycle races are coming your way...

While I was checking out one of my favorite blogs (A Cup of Jo), I came across this video that the blogger's sister sent her. It's bicycle "rush hour" in the Netherlands. Apparently more than a third of the population commutes via bicycle. I'm very jealous. I love riding bicycles but haven't done it in years. Now that I live in Los Angeles it's even less likely as it's one of the most impractical cities for bike commutes. Not only that, I'd be totally terrified to try it here. However, if things were a bit more bike-friendly around these parts, I'd probably pick up one these beauties. But first, the video! Look how few cars there are! How amazing and refreshing!

I want to ride my.....

Image via Harbor Country Bike

How great is this?! Three generations. One bike. Transport for the whole family.

Image via Cycle Chic

I guess I'll have to move to Copenhagen or Vienna to look this chic and classy whilst pedaling in heels.

Image via Cycle Chic

I hope I'm doing this well (and dressed this nicely) when I'm, umm, 80 (?).

Image via Cycle Chic

How cool are these baskets? They've made their way around the blogsphere a few times but I figured I'd post them anyway. They come in green, black, and white and they're inspired by traditional and intricate crocheted tablecloths. Pretty cool. Available from Scandinavian Grace

One more for the road...

Image via Overstock.com