Can I just take a minute?

So, today was one of the most stressful and scream inducing (yeah, I did actually scream at one point in my car) days I've had in a LONG time. I spent hours at the DMV and didn't even get everything accomplished, went through parking hell and back, nearly got T-boned by some jerk during my trip to parking hell, got ripped off by the smog check people, paid to park somewhere then realized I had to use the drive-through, battled ridiculous traffic for it not being rush hour, and had to pay almost $300 for all of this. Those are the highlights. Honestly, I'd rather have a root canal AND a pap smear AT THE SAME TIME than go to the DMV (especially the DMV in California which is bad in an extra-crunchy-makes-you-hate-the-world-sort-of-way). I heard that some of the people who didn't make appointments had been there for 6 hours. Yeah. Anyway, I was thinking about two things. Firstly, how much I shouldn't be complaining when my day was a walk in the park compared to some people's lives and secondly, how much I needed to lower my blood pressure. Here are a few places I think could do just that. Of course, I'll probably never be able to afford the enjoyment of these places but, hey, it's worth dreaming about...

Cabo San Lucas
This resort is called Capella Pedregal. It's a bit tempting to know that it isn't TOO far away from me.

Three images via Elements of Style

Greece (Mykonos and Santorini)
The first hotel is called Cavo Tagoo. It's in Mykonos and it's ridiculous.

Check out these rooms! So clean and crisp...

Four images via Cavo Tagoo Hotel

On to Santorini...

Image via Pure Entertainment Group

Can you imagine eating breakfast here!?

Imagine via Hellas Hotel

I'll take this. Thanks.

Image via World Wide Vacation Spots