Skona Hem Goodies

The Swedish magazine "Skona Hem" is a favorite of mine. I love checking out the website but I only know a handful of Swedish words so it makes searching for anything a bit of challenge. Nevertheless, I always find some gorgeous home inspiration. Bright, airy, uncluttered design must be genetic or something because Swedish folks have it down to an artful science. Here are a few of my favorite bits of eye candy from recent updates over at Skona Hem. Enjoy!!

This is one of the coolest nurseries I've come across! I love the turquoise floors and the bright red sofa. It's a great meeting of classic bones and bold, modern color.

You had me at "white, glossy cabinets".

I love this office/library nook. It's a really great use of a small yet vertical space.

Nice balance of formal and industrial

The tablecloth and fresh flowers add just enough softness to keep this space from feeling too cold.

I love the lines and shapes here. That pop of green is wonderful.

Had to include this piece. It's got the most amazing texture and organic shape!