Succulent Extravaganza

I'm a sucker for succulents. Having grown up on the east coast I never really came across too many of them. So, when I came to California for the first time, and saw them absolutely everywhere, I knew I had to have them. They're vibrant, hearty, intricate, and they grow in every shape and size. Coming from a family of avid gardeners and landscapers one would think I might have a horticultural trick or two up my sleeve but that's pretty far from the truth. My thumb is anything but green. One of the allures of the succulent is their low maintenance nature. Perfect for those of us who happen to be serial plant killers. I wish I could plant a garden full of them but, until then, these lovely pictures will have to do. If you're curious about getting a few of your own the Cactus & Succulent Society of San Jose has a really informative site chock full of helpful tips. Are there any other succulent maniacs out there??

Image via catsandsucculents

This is such a brilliant planter. These would look fantastic lined up down a pathway.

Image via Evelyn Howard

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Miniatures and succulents. Gimme.

Image via Teresa Franco

So, this happened...no words...

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Wreaths are such a beautiful way to display succulents!

Image via krakencrafts

So lush! I want this on my door all year!

Image via Ripbud

This arrangement is so lovely. Let's just pop this right in the living room.

Image via Sue Brown