The apartment revealed!

Ok, so I've finally taken some decent pictures of the apartment! Let's go on a little tour! I hope this doesn't bore anyone into a coma. Welcome!

Living Room 1

Living Room 2

Living Room-front door

Part of my antique key collection.
Part of my antique key collection

Living Room book corner 1

Part of my antique camera collection.
Part of my antique camera collection

Living Room book corner 2

Rocks from around the World collection
Rocks of the World collection

By the front door...
By the front door...

Office Nook
Office Nook 1

Opposite side of the office nook. Joel Dewberry fabric that I made into a wall covering to hide some ugly and questionable apartment building features.
Office Nook 2

Desk area

Heading into the kitchen. The white box is my DIY heater cover which hides the unattractive unit and provides a bit more counter space.
Going into kitchen with my DIY heater cover

Into the kitchen...I want to paint the cabinets and change the marble!!!
Kitchen wide shot

Opposite side of the kitchen with the beginnings of my dining area gallery.
Other side of the kitchen

Mini gallery and candlesticks

Kitchen reminder!

Counter corner

Kitchen friend on my DIY table
Cheerful kitchen friend

My swirly plates on my DIY table

Bathroom 1

Bathroom 2

Still looking for two more prints to hang above the headboard (which was made from the tops of Ikea Lack side tables).
Bedroom 1

There is so much DIY in this image, I can't even tell you.
Bedroom 2

Farewell from the happy back massager!
Happy back massage friend