Longing for a rainy day...

I think it's pretty much official that we haven't had any legitimate rain in months. I am desperate for a thunderstorm and a good strong pour! Not only for the sake of my filthy car but for our desert, drought-ridden landscape as well. I remember last summer when I moved out here, I'd been here for weeks and nothing. Two more months went by and...nothing. Finally, one October afternoon it began to rain and I went crazy! I took pictures, I sat and looked out the window and I made a cup of tea.
Yes, we've been so fortunate to have a moderately cool and breezy summer here and I'm SO grateful for it as I certainly am not lucky enough to have central air conditioning. There have been a few times when the sky turned from a smoggy blue to a grey and formidable shade of, well, overcast. I got so excited and crossed my fingers for rain (to no avail). To make matters worse, rain is not in our foreseeable forecast either. So this morning, I decided to get some pictures of rainy goodness together in order to live through them vicariously.

Image via Dan Arsenault

Image via Rui Palha

Image via yoshiko314

Image via Tom Van Cleynenbreugel

Image via queen's lace

Image via Rui Palha

Image via NEWviews24