Have amazing suitcase. Will travel.

I saw this beauty of a piece of luggage over on Swiss Miss today. There are a few items in this world that I have quite the penchant for and they include luggage, office supplies, organizational tools, stationery, and things that happen to come in metallic silver. This bad boy makes it into THREE of those categories which means I could be in big trouble. This gem is called the Trip and I've decided to ignore the fact that it costs 595 Euros. It's a Dutch design (surprise, surprise) and it's small enough to fit into an overhead compartment of a plane "yet big enough to create the highest amount of comfort we could offer." For sure, my Dutch friends, for sure. It easily transforms into a chair for all those times when you'd love to be sitting in the airport, subway/train station, or park. I don't know about you, but whilst waiting in customs and check in lines for HOURS at the airport, I HAVE tried to sit on my big roller suitcase with disastrous and embarrassing consequences. Use your imagination here. No worries with THE TRIP though! I also like the fact that it would force me to travel super light (a new goal of mine). AND for a few Euros more you can get yourself a Trip Sound with a custom integrated sound system: top quality speakers that enable you to listen to your own music in the comfort of your hotel room. I'm not so interested in the speakers (which you can detach) but the overall design really rocks my socks and if I had a hefty luggage budget I'd totally buy this!