The Amazing Work of John Frame

Luke and I went to The Huntington last week and found a real gem in the John Frame exhibit. I couldn't believe I had never heard of him before this! He is a sculptor, animator, photographer and storyteller who has been working here in Southern California for decades. He meticulously carves figurative sculptures from wood, metal, fabrics, and various found materials. In 2006 he began to create moveable sculptures with articulated joints, eyes, fingers, etc. and placed them in stop motion short films. The concepts for these films originated in Frame's dreams. He explores "the meaning of life, the inevitability of death, and the nature of good and evil". You know, the basics... Anyhow, his current exhibit at The Huntington is comprised of the actual sculptures, films, and still photographs from the stop motion process. We were completely spellbound and extremely impressed and inspired! His work has such a timeless and theatrical feel to it. Eery and gorgeous. If you're in the Los Angeles area I highly recommend the exhibit. If you're not, then check out his website for some amazing work!

Here is the film that is showing at The Huntington, "Three Fragments of a Lost Tale". Stunning!

Three Fragments of a Lost Tale from John Frame on Vimeo.