1 Artist / 1 Piece: Alison Dunlop

As a fan of abstract watercolor, I am completely drawn to Alison's Inner Sound series. She describes the series and her process on her website, "This series of watercolours, begun earlier this year in my new studio at the edge of the sea, is my attempt to find an equivalent in paint for the experience of looking out beyond my studio windows to the seas of the Inner Sound and the Minch. In all of these recent watercolours, with this new reality of sea and sky through my windows, the images are becoming more and more abstract, more pared-down, re-defined and it seems, paradoxically, more REAL. The process of pressing forward with this series, not knowing what the next piece will bring, where it will take me, has taken on an energy of its own. Each piece seems to grow out of the previous one(s), to teach the eye and the hand something new and to give a renewed sense of boldness and vigour. To let the hand, the pigment, the paper and the water act in unison, giving form to my inner experience of the drama unfolding
beyond my window...." I think that says it all! Beautiful. Have a look at the rest of the series and Alison's wonderful realism portfolio.