I've been dreaming of a bit of an escape. The world has been an especially nasty place of late. It's always difficult feeling like you have no control over the problems that surround us. I try to be a very "plugged in" person in terms of news and world events but it can really get to me at times. Like many people who aren't truly suffering (directly), I can be overwhelmed by sadness and frustration. Feeling the desire to run away, to let go, and to escape to a more simple place...it was meant to be that I came across these images by photographer Courtney Townsend. Courtney captures the beautiful and wild spirit of horses in such a stunning and timeless way. I love her use of color and texture within the images. They're so reminiscent of early photography in their rough and wonderfully imperfect nature. I definitely feel transported when I see these and I wish I could be out there running alongside the horses and sleeping under the stars completely away from it all. Keep up the lovely work, Courtney! So beautiful...

All images by Courtney Townsend