Art and People: Norton Simon Museum

Today we swung by the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena to look at a few exhibits. The weather was pretty nice and we sat out in the garden for a little while between exhibit hopping. I also bought a Sunprint kit in the gift shop and am quite excited to take it for a spin. One of my favorite things to do in museums is to watch people experiencing the art. I'd been to the Norton Simon several times so I was already familiar with their permanent collection which meant I could spend more time people watching! There's something so quiet, reflective, and personal about photographing people while they're studying a painting (or just relaxing in front of one). Rather than disturb them I like to photograph them with their backs to me. It's interesting to see how posture and body language change depending on the piece of art. The way a person holds themselves in these moments tells me a lot about them and I'm fine to leave the rest a mystery. Stay tuned for a second post from the Norton Simon. I'll be showing some images of the shadows cast by Hindu statues!