Portraits from the Renaissance Faire

Back in May I attended my first Renaissance Faire right outside Los Angeles. As a history buff, I'd always been curious about them. I wondered how people interpreted history and where and how they saw themselves within that context. It's a very interesting subculture that is made up of genuinely sweet and lovely people. The faire that's held here every year is a massive event that goes on for two months in the spring. I got such a kick out of walking around and seeing everyone in their costumes (period or not). There was an infectious enthusiasm that I found quite fun and refreshing. Not only did I want to go to see what these fairs are all about but I wanted to shoot portraits! Approaching strangers and asking to photograph them is still quite new to me. Fortunately I was met with kindness, patience, and curiosity by all of my subjects. Here are ten of my favorites! I'm already looking forward to returning next year.

 photo ren_faire_blog_post-copy.jpg