Futuristic Nap Time

I first came across the amazing "Nap Pod" during a trip to SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design). Their student building is bananas! I was quite jealous at the time. Rather than passing out in the reference section of the campus library (yes, it happened), you could take 5 or 500 in one of these babies. Complete with interior lights, alarm clock, and earphone jacks, you can get some serious high-tech sleep. Oh, they also recline! Here are some (really unfortunate) pictures of me testing out a pod in 2007. I look confused but I'm not sure why. These things are awesome!

Photo credit Laura Jernigan

Pretty cool, huh?? So here's the official low down on these bad boys via one manufacturer called Metro Naps.
"The MetroNaps EnergyPod solves a contemporary problem: most work spaces do not offer their employees a place to rejuvenate. Based on two years of research and thousands of design hours, the MetroNaps EnergyPod is the perfect place to quickly and effectively enhance your energy.
Raise your feet to improve circulation, set the built in timer and relax to the ambient music. At the end of your rest you will be awoken by a combination of light and vibration leaving you to return to your day with renewed energy. "

According to the researchers at Metro Nap...

Image via Metro Nap

Check out some more images that don't feature me and my incredibly attractive clogs and crazy hair.

Image via Salon.com

Image via Pod Collective

As far as product design goes, I think these pods are quite something. How amazing would it be to have these at your place of work?? What if there were enough for each employee to take a 20 minute nap each day? I think we'd all be much healthier! Anyone else tried out a nap pod before??