Is it me or is the wallpaper glowing??

Continuing my theme of eco-friendliness today, here's a new idea from UK based company Lomox. Glowing wallpaper to replace light bulbs. Sound too weird for you?? Here's some more info from Gimundo, "Unlike the glare of most light bulbs, the wallpaper’s light is soft, and mimics sunlight. You’ll be able to use a dimmer switch to control how bright you want the room, just as you can with traditional bulbs". Lomox snagged a pretty healthy grant from the Carbon Trust to develop this new technology and they say it should be ready by about 2012. "The special coating which can be painted onto your walls or implemented into roll-up screens is two and a half times as energy-efficient as LED lights, and will be extremely budget friendly. Because the wallpaper only requires three to five volts, it can be powered by solar cells. Thanks to its portability, the system could also be used to illuminate signs and important notices in areas without power lines." It all sounds pretty cool to me, now they just need to get some fantastic designers to help out in the art department and I'd say they're cooking with gas, or solar power.

*Ok, I just have to let you know that these aren't the wallpaper designs from Lomox as they aren't available yet. But, just imagine... These are all from Graham & Brown but, in my fantasy world they've teamed up with Lomox to create these stunners. Just dream, my friends (and enjoy the eye candy)!

How cool would this paper be in a kid's room?! Go ahead, draw all over the walls, honey!