Some of the most basic DIY of all time!

My new apartment (of a few months) is situated in a 1920s building. It's been fully renovated but there were still a few space oddities that the renovators didn't really address. Case in point, this weird and random space in the kitchen. The windows are very low so they couldn't continue the counter to the wall. Result? Weird space that NO store bought piece would fit correctly.
Pre-move in
Since I wasn't going to waste the space (believe me, I need every centimeter I can get in here) I decided to do some of the most basic carpentry mankind has ever witnessed. I built a sideboard of sorts. Ok, it's really just a table. I figured I could create my recycling center and tool storage area underneath and sew (or not) a fabric skirt to go around it to hide the beauty that would be loads of aluminum cans, toilet paper rolls and a power drill. Ooo la la.
DIY in progress!
Once built, I primed, painted, and poly-ed the table top a crisp white. I kept the table low enough for my plants to attempt to get some sunlight. (Although in this picture they're livin' it up outside.)
during kitchen sideboard
And finally, after making the fabric skirt from a nice heavy weight grey material (which goes nicely with some of the color on the countertops), I had some decent looking and functional hidden storage and counter space for my cookbooks, plants, little sock monkey friend (Bilbo), and some fancy glassware. I still need to run the iron over the skirt but, other than that, I'm pretty happy with the outcome of my little project. Oh, it was also done for under $50. *Sigh.
Finished my table!