L.A. Adventure: Pasadena Chalk Festival

Today my friend Ashley and I checked out the annual Pasadena Chalk Festival. I think it's always fun to see what artists will do with that medium. Even though we got there about two and a half hours after it started, there were some pretty cool looking drawings already well on their way. We saw everything from 3D dragons, to pin-up girls, to Frida Kahlo. Quite a selection. I'm almost tempted to go back tomorrow when the pieces will be complete. But, we'll see. Lots of work to do around the apartment.
Anyway, here are a few of my shots from the day!

Chalk Festival Color Swirls

Chalk Festival Humming Bird

Cupid and Psyche! I like to see people recreating some classics.
Chalk Festival Cupid and Psyche

Cupid's hand
Chalk Festival Cupid's Hand

3D chalk covered dragons need dental care too.
Chalk Festival Dragon Teeth

Oh, Frida. You and your unibrow.
Chalk Festival Frida

I thought she needed to add a bit more green.
Chalk Festival Green

I think this kaleidoscope one will end up looking cool.
Chalk Festival Grid

Some people came VERY prepared.
Chalk Festival Grids

Chalk Festival Little girls

Art supplies everywhere!
Chalk Festival Supplies

There's always someone drawing pin-ups.
Chalk Festival Pin-Up

Chalk Festival Portrait

Bit of a Roy Lichtenstein tribute here.
Chalk Festival Roy Lichtenstein

This girl was seriously going to town on her drawing. There was another small tornado carrying a cow with a speech bubble that read, "Can I keep it??"
Chalk Festival Tornado

Last but not least! We stepped into an antique mall that runs alongside the drawing area. This goes on my list of Things I Don't Expect To See In The Antique Shop. A plastic Cousin Itt.
Cousin Itt