Adventures: Newport Beach and Balboa Island

This time in my "Adventures" series, my friend Lynda and I went down to Orange County to visit Newport Beach and Balboa Island. It's a really quaint and quiet area, full of money, boats, and nicely manicured patio gardens. We walked all around the canal type area of Newport, got some lunch and then took the ferry over to Balboa. Due to a bit of wording confusion, we sort of ended up being stowaways on the ferry. The guy made me think it was free (silly, I know) and neither of us had the $1 fare on hand when he came over to ask for it. Oops. When we docked I told him I'd run across the street to the ATM. I got back and the boat was gone. Oh well. We walked around Balboa Island for a bit, headed down the pier, got a shake at the 50s diner on the end of the pier, rode the ferris wheel and hitched another ferry back (we paid the second time, don't worry). It was a nice change of pace from loud and smoggy L.A. Here are a few snaps from the day!

These succulents were insane. This doesn't do them justice. They were HUGE. I was jealous.
Newport Beach Succulents

If I ever have the desire to move to Newport Beach, I want this house!
My Newport Beach Dream House

"Shooby Dooby Down to Ruby's" Well, we did and it was tasty.
Balboa Island

I didn't really want to think about how old this ferris wheel might be...details, details.
Balboa Island II

So, we got on it all the same.
Ferris Wheel

There was a pretty decent view...
Balboa Island Ferris Wheel View

Another lonely succulent livin' it up in the sun by the canal.
Lonely Succulent

Walking back to the car, we spotted this concrete drawing that I liked.
Newport Beach Sidewalk Drawing