Oh, boy! Oh, boy!

Today I found out that I won my first blog award! Very exciting! Thank you very much to Ruby over at Ruby's Musings for honoring me with the Versatile Blogger Award! As part of the award, I have been asked to come up with seven tidbits that readers may not know about me from reading my blog. I've thought long and hard about these and here they are!

1. I have selachophobia (abnormal and persistent fear of sharks).
2. I went to an all women's college and loved it!
3. I don't have TV. Ok, I have a television but it's only connected to the Wii and the DVD player. No cable around these parts.
4. I think I'm addicted to carbonated beverages. I want a soda maker like nobody's business.
5. Funny life moment: Sir Michael Gambon once told me that I was going to be his future wife. Seriously. I still don't have a rock on my finger so who knows...
6. If I were to get back into acting, I'd be tempted to only do period pieces (great costumes, great roles, great dialogue).
7. I once played a game of polo on a donkey in Mexico. There are pictures but you will never see them.

Thanks again, Ruby! Now I am to hand out the award to a few lovely and versatile blogs out there too.

I've chosen Color Me Katie, the thinking tank, and Camilla Engman!