Food for Thought and 100 Posts

I can't believe I've already hit the 100 posts mark! My 3 month "blogaversary" is a few days away and that's hard to believe as well. I was stuck in crazy, crazy traffic last night on my way home and my usual go-to radio stations were boring me out of my mind. I became desperate for something to take my mind off of the fact that it was taking me 2 hours to travel about 8 or 9 miles and there was nothing I could do about it. Nope, I did not have an iPod with me. I dug around in the compartment on the side of my door and found a "mix cd" I'd burned in 2005. Oh, mix cds...memories. Anyway, as I was listening to the questionable songs I'd chosen 5 years ago I came across a gem. Dave Matthews and Soulive did a cover of the Ani DiFranco song "Joyful Girl" and it is so lovely. To be honest, I've never even heard Ani's own version of the song (sorry) but her lyrics are wonderful. It was interesting to hear and relate her words to my own life now as opposed to how I felt about them 5 years ago. In 2005 I would NEVER have thought my life would be what it is now. My 2005 self would have laughed out loud. I think I would have expected A LOT more from myself. So, I thought I'd share these lyrics and maybe they'll get someone else thinking. Oh, stay tuned for pictures from the Renegade Craft Fair and a big old batch of 365 images!!

Here's the song if you're curious!!

"Joyful Girl"

I do it for the joy it brings
because I'm a joyful girl
because the world owes me nothing
and we owe each other the world
I do it because it's the least I can do
I do it because i learned it from you
I do it just because I want to
because I want to

everything I do is judged
and they mostly get it wrong
but oh well
'cuz the bathroom mirror has not budged
and the woman who lives there can tell
the truth from the stuff that they say
and she looks me in the eye
and says would you prefer the easy way?
no, well o.k. then
don't cry

and I wonder if everything I do
I do instead
of something I want to do more
the question fills my head
I know that there's no grand plan here
this is just the way it goes
and when everything else seems unclear
I guess at least I know

I do it for the joy it brings...