Biggest 365 Post Ever!

I think it goes without saying that I've been neglecting my 365 posts. I really need to just start doing them once a week! That being said, here are almost all of my July shots! As usual, get ready to scroll!

Day 67--Wondering what this is? It's a vegan chocolate truffle!
Day 67

Day 68--I don't know what these people who live down the street are doing to their succulents but it's definitely working!
Day 68

Day 69--Looks appalling, tastes...ok. It's Amazing Grass powder.
Day 69

Day 70--This was sitting up on the mail boxes in the building. Someone has a dentist appt.
Day 70

Day 71--White tea action in the Sorapot!
Day 71

Day 72--Near the neighborhood park...
Day 72

Day 73--I have a weird thing for VERY small miniature animals. This gerbil, my Scottish terrier, and my Thai porcelain elephant live on a ledge in my kitchen.
Day 73

Day 74--Haha, I had to laugh at this.
Day 74

Day 75--This was on the side of a cafe. I thought it made for a cool image.
Day 75

Day 76--Random picture but I had to show this. Iced tea is not supposed to be opaque! Ugh.
Day 76

Day 77--New running shoes!
Day 77

Day 78--Dirty park mosaic.
Day 78

Day 79--Apparently cantaloupes need to be belted. This is funny to me for some reason.
Day 79

Day 80
Day 80

Day 81--Palm tree
Day 81

Day 82--Luke likes pictures of graffiti for some reason so I took this one for him.
Day 82

Day 83--Gorgeous orchids
Day 83

Day 84--Let's hope so.
Day 85

Day 85--Lovely sky...
Day 86

Day 86--:-)
Day 84

Day 87--One of these is different than the other.
Day 87

Day 88--Nice moon last night.
Day 88

Day 89--I got Luke to do shadow puppets in the park for me. Not quite sure what this one was supposed to be.
Day 89