I'm pooped but here's cool video!

Hi all, I've had quite a day and it's nearly midnight here (still need to clean before tomorrow morning)! I'm going to Venice Beach tomorrow which should be fun. While I don't have time for a big, image-filled post, I WILL leave you with this super cool video from the New Zealand Book Council. What an awesome way to explore literature! I can't imagine how long this took to make but it's really excellent. I'd love to see a series of these done for some of the "classics". How amazing would "The Odyssey" be in this format?! Enjoy!

Advertiser: NZ Book Council
Advertising Agency: Colenso BBDO

Production: Andersen M Studio
Design and animation: Line Andersen
Photography and lighting: Martin Andersen
Sound design: Mikkel H. Eriksen (Instrument Studio)