Dwell on Design Convention!

As I mentioned a little while ago, I made my way down to the L.A. Convention Center on June 26th to check out the Dwell on Design convention. It was a huge exhibition space with loads of architectural and interior design vendors, booths, and displays and plenty of great ideas for environmentally friendly and sustainable design. I spent several hours exploring the space and chatting with a few vendors (more to come about that). There were also lectures and a design competition or two. All in all, a fun, exhausting, and informative day. Here are a few images!!

Finally! After parking on the wrong side of the convention center and walking 37 miles.
Dwell on Design Entrance

Dwell on Design Convention

Nice banner set-up here.
Dwell banners

Some amazing vintage posters (the real deal) that were so far out my price range, we're talking thousands of dollars. Really fun to look through and the staff could tell you ALL about them.
Dwell vintage posters

Design contest! Winner got a Wacom tablet. I'd love a Wacom tablet as well *wink, wink Christmas list*.
Dwell wacom tablets

Lovely pottery pieces! Wouldn't this make a gorgeous collection!?
Lovely pottery

Wasn't expecting to see laundry detergent at the convention. Look at them being all hip with their Eames chair!
 Method booth

The model IQ haus. Pretty nifty...
 IQ Haus

The new Dyson fan that is so far out of my price range that I can't even see it on the horizon.
Dyson fans

I'll go with along with this...
Oval bed

Jealous of this playground set...
Dwell on Design 21

The fireplace for the woman (or man) in your life who doesn't have enough Swarovski Crystals.

Dwell on Design 19

These lighting fixtures were very cool!
Dwell on Design 20

Absolutely gorgeous surfaces from Soli Architectural Surfaces
Gorgeous surfaces

I love this Italian tile. I don't want to think about having to clean it all the time, I just want to think about how lovely it's going to look in my imaginary bathroom.
Italian tiles...

Bad picture on my part, but coolest hammock EVER!
Dwell on Design 18

While most of the goods at the convention were pretty spot-on, I seriously have to question this rug. Why did this happen? This pug needs medical aid.
Dwell on Design 22

Hah, on that note, I will ride off into the sunset...and by sunset I mean Burbank.
PS: Congrats to all hard working folks who made it all happen!