Renegade Craft Fair-Los Angeles!

Ok, folks, I think we all know I've been super neglectful lately. I have been in a massive no-blogging-rut the past week and a half. Between my new jobs, running, personal projects, and general day-to-day business, my poor blog has been ending up at the bottom of the list. I'd get home feeling exhausted, make dinner, tidy up a bit, shower, and then think about posting and it just never happened. Sorry!!!!! I'm determined to get back on track and thanks to a lovely reader's request for me to get my bum in gear (haha, my words not her's) I'm bringing you a brand spankin' new post about the Renegade Craft Fair from two weekends ago. The fair was nestled between the Chinatown Metro station and Dodger Stadium in the lovely LA Historic Park. It was seriously toasty and seriously CROWDED. I can't really complain about the crowds as I'm glad people are so supportive of handmade goods and the artisans who craft them so lovingly. Although the big people-pet-stroller clusters made it hard to photograph the way I wanted to and I had Luke with me (and being the thoughtful partner that I am, I didn't want to make him spend 6 hours in July heat looking at letterpress cards and succulent terrariums). Therefore, to preface my images, I don't have the names/links of all of the vendors I photographed. So sorry! It was just too crazy to keep track. That being said, let's look at my highlights from the FAIR!!!

Here we go!
Renegade Craft Fair gate

Wide shot of craft fair

It looks a bit more like the owl is eating me and thumbing for a ride...no shame.
Owl mascot

{paper & type} Display... Their designs are so sweet and basic.
Paper and Type table

Scarlett Garnet jewelry designs...lovely! They also win my Most Unique Business Card Award because their logo rocks my socks. I love the cool art nouveau design!!
Scarlet Garnet

Scarlett Garnet business card

Miniature Rhino had this cool message in a bottle display and their awesome embroidery (see their Etsy link).
Miniature Rhino

Succulent Terrariums!! It took everything I had not to buy one of these. But I knew I probably kill it in a month.
Succulent terrarium

Cool way to display these vials of seeds!
Seed vials

Another great display idea! This would be so easy to recreate at home too. Just find some interesting frames and a bit of mesh or a few pieces of pretty chain, add a few staples or nails and hang them in a cluster by your dresser or in the bathroom. Bonus point: arrange your earring collection by color or style *wink*.
Earring frames

Crafty and inexpensive and recycled display! I thought this was such a great way to house these earrings!
Can and Jar earring display

Yay! I can't wait to have my own Etsy shop.
Etsy sign

Free Hugs bear

Poster Displays. I saw a few that were new to me. I feel like I've seen every poster design out there lately.
Poster display

I loved this paper crane mobile. Another cool idea to make at home on the cheap!
Paper crane mobile

Ok, now on to one of my favorite parts of the craft fair! Threadless Tees had an Airstream trailer you could go in and post your own shirt design on their templates. It was a really fun idea and there were some pretty funny ones in there.
Threadless trailer

Threadless trailer interior

T-Shirt designs EVERYWHERE!
Threadless trailer int 2

My favorites:
Queen shirt

Jaws shirt

This one summed up what I was thinking all day.
Dry heat shirt

On a more serious design note, I really liked this one a lot.
City shirt

Extreme surfing shirt

So, there you have it! My experience of the Renegade Craft Fair! Oh, I was VERY good and bought one SMALL print from Honeylux (I was a bad photographer and totally blew out my image of her table)! This is the print I bought! If you're interested in attending a fair, the next stop is Chicago on September 11th and 12th. They are also having holiday events in Chicago and San Francisco. Check out their site for more information. Over and out! Thanks, special reader for throwing some accountability my way!