My Malachite Box of Amazement

When I posted the chalk festival pictures I mentioned that I found a little something special in the antique mall. Well, here she is. I scored this little malachite box. It's about the size of a standard business card and maybe an inch and a half tall. It's just the right size for holding everyday jewelry. I finally got around to taking a few glamour shots of it today and by that I mean I set up my ghetto-tastic white box made out of bristol board on the front steps of the apartment. Very professional. Anyway, they turned out decent enough for you to really see the detail. Malachite is one little piece of the natural world that blows me away. The shape and detail and color is stunning. If you look close enough, it almost looks like cells separating in their own little universe. Wow. Before you ask, yes, I am sober as I type this...I just really love malachite.

All images by Maureen Price