I've been meaning to do a post on Joe Cariati's gorgeous hand-made glass. He had a booth at Dwell on Design so I got to see some of his work in person and let me tell you...it's stunning. The colors are so vibrant and the pieces have exquisite lines. Joe is based here in Los Angeles so it's nice to feature local folks. He makes every single piece by hand using a Venetian off-hand glassblowing technique. Joe says, "I'm not a 'fussy' glass blower, I cannot stand spending time on surface decoration or frilly techniques. For me, the purity and essence of the process of glassblowing is immediate, there is a sense of urgency, the glass must be blown while it's hot! There are no breaks, there is no time to rest, no lull. My approach is to craft the glass quickly and efficiently; clean, pure, simple and beautiful." Check out his website to see more and feel free to buy me a decanter while you're there. *Wink*

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