California Anniversary!

Wow. Today marks the one year anniversary of my arrival in California in my giant Penske truck. While this year did move quickly, it certainly didn't fly by for me. I feel the need to stop and look back at the changes I've gone through in the past 365 days. There have seriously been moments of blood, sweat, and tears. Heh, as far as the blood goes, I'm considering that moment to be when my metal legged sofa was dropped on my face during the BRUTAL move in process of the first apartment out here. Awful, awful day. Since that nasty day I've explored loads of Southern California, my parallel parking skills have improved 10 fold, I've been interviewed on the Warner Bros. lot, I've tasted the sting of the lay-off like millions of others, and I've built my website and started this blog. Thousands of other little bits and pieces have happened along the way but it's been a year of immense growth and experience. It hasn't been easy but, then again, I typically don't make easy life choices for myself. Often times, I prefer to take the trickier and more difficult path and I'm usually glad I do (at the end after a lot of sleepless nights and whining). So, California, Happy One Year Anniversary, you've been an interesting, trying, polluted, rain-less, and sometimes beautiful companion and I hope my next year with you will bring about some great moments and accomplishments. Cheers.

A visual trip down memory lane...

Don't be jealous of how amazing I look in this picture. But seriously, it takes a lot of work to look like this.

Navigation is important. Sock monkeys are excellent cartographers.

This pretty much summed up the trip and the move in process for us.

Ugh...so close yet so far.

Yep, this happened.

...and this happened for what felt like 17 years (when you're only going 60 MPH). Is it just me or do the hills sort of look like herb encrusted salmon?

Finally! Oh, wait, we still have to navigate our way through the freeways of Los Angeles in a 16ft truck with an attached car on the back. Can't wait!