Have a calming weekend...

Ok, yeah, so it's almost 3AM here and I'm still awake. I'm feeling zonked but sleep just doesn't really happen easily for a person like me. Without total silence, intense focus, and perfect body positioning I will NOT fall asleep unless I've been drugged. I progressed from night owl to insomniac a loooong time ago, my friends. It's annoying. Anyway, I hope everyone gets some rest this weekend. Take a leaf out of this little pup's book and reward yourself with some delicious sleep! I'm gearing up for the nightly Sleep Challenge Fest right about now. Wish me luck!
PS: I've also tried EVERY trick in the book for falling asleep with the exception of Rx drugs (a no-no). I'm getting ready to start training again for long distance running so maybe I can run myself into a puddle of sleep.

Image via Cute Overload